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Welcome to Your Shul...

Located in the cozy neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, we are a traditional synagogue with a mechitza and an Orthodox style prayer service. We have daily minyanim, a gorgeous catering hall and a fully functional school wing that accomodates 200+ students comfortably.

We welcome Jews of all backgrounds to join us in our lively user-friendly prayer services. Come join us for a Shabbat service, a sisterhood event, or a Torah class. We will welcome you into our family! 

Join us every Wednesday Night at 8:00 pm for Rabbi Chusid class.


Daily Services


Shacharit        8:00 am

Mincha            4:30 pm

Monday -Thursday

Shacharit     6:45 am

Mincha        4:30 pm


   Friday Jan. 24, 2020 

Shacharit                                             6:45 am ​

         Mincha Kabbalat Shabbat                  4:30 pm            Light Candles                                        4:45pm                        

                                  Shabbat Jan. 25, 2020

                                    Parashat Va'eira

                             Shacharit                          9:00 am

                             Seudat Shlishit                 4:30 pm

                            Shabbat Ends                    5:48 pm


May Everyone Have a Happy and Peaceful Shabbat